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Founded in 1970, Theater at Monmouth (TAM) was named the Shakespearean Theatre of Maine by the State Legislature in 1975. TAM’s mission is to present innovative approaches to Shakespeare and other classic plays through professional productions that enrich the lives of people throughout Maine. Since its founding, TAM has produced expertly crafted, engaging productions in its three-month Summer Repertory Season entertaining audiences from 36 states and through Education Tours annually reaching more than 15,000 students statewide. 

TAM will present its 46th season of classic plays in the summer of 2015. The plays of TAM’s Summer Repertory Season offer audiences opportunities to experience literatures most compelling stories through the magnificent poetry of Shakespeare and other classic playwrights. An annual focus on family, community, and heightened language provides the vision for the productions on our stage. Hiring the best regional and national talent, placing significant emphasis on Shakespeare’s text, showcasing the unique nature of our venue, and a demonstrating a strong commitment to community has ensured that audiences experience Shakespeare and other classical plays at their best. The board, staff, and resident artists remain dedicated to providing engaging arts experiences and promoting the value of the arts in Maine.


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As with my last review for Theater at Monmouth (TAM) it is almost hard to single out the cast. I say that, full knowing that I will. But having said that, the cast is unbelievably strong and works together as a wonderfully cohesive ensemble. Almost more than the way they inhabit their character’s strengths and peccadillos, the cast’s most important accomplishment is the grasp they have on Shakespeare’s language.

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