Please Donate to our Annual Fund!

Shakespeare Theatre Association Annual Fund

 “An Annual Fund is like planting a tree: the best time to start is 30 years ago, the second best time is today!”

The Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA) supports the work of over 120 Shakespeare companies and festivals world-wide. STA is member driven in every sense of the word and our Annual Fund is no exception. If you are a member of this fine organization or simply an individual who shares our vision for a better world through iambic pentameter, please consider making a recurring gift to our Annual Fund.

This is not a benefit driven program. As a recurring donor, you will receive two things: that warm fuzzy feeling of well-being one gets when giving money to a worthy cause and your name on the list of Annual Fund contributors in our biannual publication of Quarto*. We do encourage you to make your gift a recurring one on a monthly basis!

You will receive a receipt for your donation from our donation partner, Network for Good.

* Obviously we are grateful for any financial support for our cause, so if you choose to make a one-time gift to STA we thank you. However, for continuing recognition in Quarto Magazine as an Exceptional Person sharing our belief that the redemptive power of Shakespeare in performance can make the world a better place, please consider making your gift a RECURRING one. Even $10 a month ($120 per annum) is the functional equivalent of $3,000 in an endowment account!

STA Gratefully Acknowledges the Following 2019 Annual Fund Donors

Ian Gallanar
Casey Gallagher
Melissa Nicholson
Patrick Flick
Lin Hawkins
Jim Helsinger
Jay Rood
Jeffrey Watkins
Grant Mudge
Scott Jackson

Thomas Bradac
Kellie Lockwood
Jenni Stewart
Douglas West
David Dreyfoos
Joe RossidivitoGuy Roberts
Claire Kelly
Stephen Burdman
Ralph Cohen
Charlene Smith
Jim Volz