New Swan Shakespeare Festival

Mission & Vision

New Swan Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to the investigation and production of Shakespearean plays and relevant theatrical works.

Shakespeare’s theatre was a theatre for the people and not an elite cultural event.  Thus we wish to share our work with the wides possible cross-section of our community.

Shakespeare’s theatre was born out of the impulse to create a direct, visceral and egalitarian relationship between actors and audience.  We want our audience to feel the emotions, actions, and texts as deeply as the New Swan Shakespeare Festival actors, directors, designers, and the creative and production teams.

Just because we are interested in these practices doesn’t mean that we are bound to produce them as museum pieces.  We are intent on recreating the immediacy of Shakespeare’s work and examining their relevance to the 21st century.


The configuration of the theater creates an intense, immersive experience. And the way the company approaches its productions (last year’s Twelfth Night and this year’s Macbeth rank among the best local Shakespeare shows these jaded eyes have witnessed over the past 20 years) magnifies that experience.
— Joel Beers, OC Weekly

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