The company's goals are to explore the original theatrical practices of the acting companies of Shakespeare's time; to provide high quality productions of works by Shakespeare and his contemporaries to regional theatre audiences; to provide local actors, directors, and stage managers the opportunity to work with these wonderful scripts and to receive training in an original practice approach to Shakespeare's plays; and to maintain an organizational philosophy in which theatre practitioners participate in the administration of the company on a regular basis.


Based in Grand Haven, Michigan, the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company seeks to offer performances of Shakespeare's works to Michigan audiences in a variety of non-traditional theatre venues. 

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare employs techniques of theatrical performance such as universal lighting and audience contact to adapt its productions to multiple performance venues, and to actively engage audience members in performance.

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Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, by re-creating performance and rehearsal conditions experienced by actors in the 17th century, creates a exceptional theatrical environment where the sets are sparse, the costumes minimal, and performances electric.
— Cassandra Sandros - Broadway World

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