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The Houston Shakespeare Festival is a professional outreach arm of the University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance.  Through productions of the works of Shakespeare and other great authors, we draw together the diversity of our community to explore our common humanity. 
Through passionate and imaginative theatre productions, collaboration with other educational and cultural groups, and teaching the art and the craft of theatre to the next generation of artists, HSF serves as a Teaching Theatre for the 21st Century. 

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Doc’s (Sidney Berger) affinity for Shakespeare was made up of equal parts insight, passion, and delight. At his core, he believed that these plays were for everyone. He used the great expanse of Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre to share them with Houston’s rich and poor, young and old, native-born and “got-here-as-fast-as-they-could.” His enthusiasm couldn’t be bounded even by Texas, leading him to help found STA so that he had even wider circles with which to celebrate the work of the Bard. As we embark on HSF’s 40th season, we know we’re all the richer for Doc Berger’s good heart and indomitable spirit.
— Jack Young - Artistic Director - HSF

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