Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival


The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival explores and celebrates Shakespeare and his culture for the West Michigancommunity and beyond through theatre and education.


The GV Shakespeare Festival is a creative environment for educational and artistic excellence for a diverse and growing population.


  • Shakespearean Tradition: Investigation of shared humanity.
  • Arts: performing, literary, visual, and scholarly.
  • Excellence: professionalism, discipline, rigor, quality, hard work, aesthetics.
  • Learning: educating, outreach, and enrichment.
  • Collaboration: including vigorous participation of students, faculty from a variety of disciplines, professional artists, staff, community members, scholars. Intrinsic to theatre and bedrock of relationships. Sharing.
  • Enjoyment: providing a welcoming atmosphere to engage participation in fun and gratifying activities.
  • Future-thinking: maintaining a legacy of success and sound management.
  • Relevance: providing events and activities that are available and affordable to diverse populations.
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Many of our volunteers are young students satisfying requirements in drama classes for lab hours, but most of our student volunteers come from all over the campus simply to enjoy the plays, the audiences, and to share in the excitement that makes GVSF events a fun experience every year.

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