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The mission of Flatwater Shakespeare Company is to entertain and educate audiences in Lincoln and surrounding communities through Shakespeare and other high quality theater productions.  


Flatwater Shakespeare Company is a small theatre company in Lincoln, NE that was formed in 2001 and incorporated in 2004.  Our focus is Shakespeare and other high quality theatre productions of other classical works.  We do not have a building of our own; many of our productions have been held at The Swan Theatre at The Stables at Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln. This outdoor performance space is formed by an old carriage house and its attached structures.  It resembles the Elizabethan inn yards in which Shakespeare’s plays were originally staged.

In 2011, we began Flatwater Free Shakespeare, a 4-weekend summer tour which takes Shakespeare to local parks and outdoor venues in and around Lincoln, NE.  There is no charge for these performances, though many people donate to provide support. Our goal is to introduce more people to both live theatre and the relevant life lessons of Shakespeare.

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Flatwater Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra” Filled with Bravado, Passion and Tragedy
— Star City Blog - by Robert Stewart

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