Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival was founded by a group of actors, scholars, and educators who delight in seeing the Bard’s work as originally intended on stage: intimate, dynamic, accessible, and linguistically rich. 

We are dedicated to education. Shakespeare wrote his plays for the stage, not the page, and we trust that the Bard knew what he was doing. We believe in enriching the classroom experience of Shakespeare by offering live performances, actor-led workshops, technical workshops, and extracurricular classes on Shakespeare and Renaissance literature. 

Nowhere, geographically speaking: Flagstaff is home. But we have big dreams about how this festival will evolve. 

FlagShakes believes in seeking growth in a way that benefits not just the company, but the whole community. We believe in developing economically viable, long-term careers for artists and administrators while enriching the quality of life in northern Arizona and becoming a regional and national destination for travelers who love live theatre as we do. 

“Theatre, and especially Shakespeare at FlagShakes, is a shared experience. It allows us to de-isolate, to come out from behind our screens and experience feelings as a community. Nothing builds empathy the way theatre does— nothing allows for exploration of the human condition in such a vulnerable space—and no playwright captures the highs and lows of life like Shakespeare.” –Dawn Tucker, Executive Director

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STA is thrilled to have Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival join our ranks!
— Patrick Flick, Executive Director - STA

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