EclecticPond Theatre Company


"Imaginative Accessible Classic Theatre"

To create imaginative and accessible theatre experiences with the power to engage and transform the lives of communities and young people.


We aim to become one of the leading companies in our area producing inventive and exciting adaptations of Shakespeare and other playwrights, enabling the works to become relevant and appealing to a new generation of audiences. Through these adaptations, both modern and classical, and a program of new writing, we aim to invigorate personal interest in theatre for young and old alike. 

Whilst retaining our ‘nomadic’ touring company ethos, we aim to create a permanent base for the company that serves not only as a versatile performance space, but also as a focus for community participation, involvement and education.

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STA is thrilled to welcome one of our newest members, EclecticPond Theatre Company!
— Patrick Flic, STA Executive Director

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