American Players Theatre

Leadership Statement

Ever since its founding, the underlying impulse of American Players Theatre has been to develop a popular classical theater company. We seek above all to share our abiding enthusiasm for the great plays of the Western Canon with a large, diverse and far-flung audience - an audience both intelligent and curious yet largely without any specialized background in classical literature. Central to the pursuit of this goal, is the development of a permanent company of actors sharing a common approach to the work - an approach that fuses the specificity and spontaneity typical of the best contemporary American theater with the rigorous technical demands of dense poetic texts. We aspire to make dramatic poetry the necessary and unpretentious expression of those otherwise inexpressible moments of human consciousness that great plays explore; we delight in the paradox that it is discipline and rigor that produces fresh, joyous and accessible productions of classical work. Each season our permanent company of Equity actors is supplemented by guest artists and unusually promising younger actors drawn from training programs around the country. In order to continue to develop our own work, we deem it critical not only to train ourselves and the younger actors who join us but also to remain open to the challenges of new ideas and fresh faces; we understand that in order to teach we must continually learn, that an essential measure of our self-confidence and worth is our commitment to improvement and change.

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The APT attracts some of the best directors and actors in Chicago and other cities in the Midwest
— Mary C. Galligan - Illinois Times