African-American Shakespeare Company


African-American Shakespeare Company was introduced in 1994 to open the realm of classic theatre to a diverse audience; and provide an opportunity and place for actors of color to hone their skills and talent in mastering some of the world’s greatest classical roles. We do this by producing work from the canon of classical theatre including Shakespeare and great American and world playwrights that is lively, entertaining and relevant.


  1. We value the ability to impart a theatrical knowledge base, teach style and content, and share classical repertoire to under-represented actors and diverse listening audiences.
  2. We build a sense of community with our audiences, artists, patrons, neighbors and collaborators and see each as essential stakeholders in our company.
  3. We seek to build long-term personal relationships with all who engage with us and infuse every experience with our company with warmth, caring, and good humor.
  4. We practice persistence and a can-do attitude.
  5. Our organization is nimble and flexible.
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We are moving into our twenty first year rededicated to excellence in re-imagining the Classics With Color, presenting these great works to youth throughout the Bay Area, inspiring our audiences with thoughtful and exciting interpretations of Shakespeare’s cannon, and making a major difference in the Bay Area Theater community. Thank you all for your continued support of these goals. Stay close to us and watch what happens!
— L. Peter Callender - Artistic Director