Teatro Shakespeariano all'aperto Licinium Gallery


With the 2010 season the Licinium became the only Shakespeare Theater"Under the Stars" in Italy. fact, the entire production is exclusively dedicated to the works of the greatest English playwright. In January 2011 , the historic Teatro Erba joins of the STA ( Shakespeare Theatre Association) , the prestigious American Association which brings together 120 more theaters in Shakespeare's world , which only representative for Italy. since 2013 is the only Italian member of the IOD ( Institute of Outdoor Drama , based in North Carolina) 


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An enchanting neo-classical theatre situated on top of a wooded hill, with trees instead of the walls and - as ceiling - the sky. It would be the ideal staging of “A Midsummernight’s Dream”, but there is more: the Licinium is the only theatre ‘under the stars’ in Italy with a production exclusively dedicated to the works of William Shakespeare.
— RAI, the Italian national broadcasting network