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The mission of Shakespeare WA is to build a uniquely Western Australian classical repertory Theatre Company using the plays of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries as the foundation stone for our work.  Shakespeare WA is committed to promoting excellence through performance and teaching that speaks to contemporary audiences of all ages and cultures throughout the State and beyond.


Shakespeare WA aims to introduce audiences to the arts, increase access to the arts, involvement in the arts and most importantly to promote active participation.  Shakespeare WA is committed to providing “theatre for everyone” from every social stratum, and in particular, those who would not normally see the plays of Shakespeare.


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A balmy summer’s night is off to a good start when it involves a bottle of white, a tartan blanket, and a picnic basket with enough cheese to rival an Oprah Christmas special. Even better when it’s accompanied by one of the Immortal Bard’s more upbeat offerings and a group of talented actors to bring it to life.
— Megan Green - Australian Stage

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