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Muse of Fire Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing world-class plays to the widest possible local audience.

Our method is to interact with our audiences, staging productions so clear, lively and engaging that spectators feel they have entered the world of the play and even people new to live theatre feel like insiders.  Our intention is not just to welcome people who usually lack access to great theatre, but also to foster their enjoyment and understanding of these plays. At the same time, we aim to offer something new that delights people already familiar with classic theatre.

Toward this end, we set ourselves a high standard of artistic excellence, focusing on performances that erase barriers between audience and actors and also subtly challenge traditional interpretations of the plays. We make our plays broadly accessible by removing physical and financial barriers. We perform in non-traditional spaces, rather than venues that might intimidate new audiences.  We offer hands-on education programs. And all our performances are free.


Our vision is to become an integral part of the arts community and draw as many people as possible into the vibrant world of great theatre through rousing productions and innovative educational programming.

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Muse of Fire Theatre not only has a brilliant concept - free Shakespeare in a gorgeous outdoor setting - but also attracts fantastic talent. When I think of organizations I want funded, Muse of Fire is close to the top of the list.
— Lauren Whalen - Chicago Theater Beat

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