Livermore Shakespeare Festival

Core Purpose

We produce live, outdoor, professional productions of Shakespeare and other master writers with wine in our hands, and joy in our hearts!  Our Shakespeare texts come straight from the First Folio, texts that revel in the immediacy and vibrance of the English language.

Inspired by William Shakespeare, who through the rhetoric and poetry of the English language, gave voice to the deepest experience of being human, we are committed to producing professional theater in the community. We produce and support theatrical events that celebrate the human experience. We create a company that is accessible and fully integrated with the Tri-Valley community, and invite the participation of our Central Valley and Greater Bay Area neighbors.


We believe the desire to create and celebrate a rich, vibrant community of individuals who are connected to their own humanity and the humanity of others is a core value shared by residents and businesses of and visitors to the Tri-Valley Area. The arts, particularly theater, connect all of us to our pasts, futures, and most importantly, to the present moment. Theater dramatizes and enhances these connections through the provocative presence of the living actor.

We further believe each of us is strengthened and enriched by the artistic expression of individual and collective experiences. Thus, every person and every community should have the privilege to create or participate in such experiences, and by so doing give voice to a community discourse, one that stirs us to reflect and act upon our most deeply held values.

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With a stage and seating tucked between rows of lush green grapevines, the Livermore Shakespeare Festival is a delightful summer tradition for theater fans and novices alike.
— Amanda Morris - Diablo Review

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