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Hoosier Bard is a unique theatre company, linking the New Oxford Shakespeare editors, the Indianapolis performing arts community, and students and faculty at IUPUI. At every production, spectators become collaborators, helping to test new ideas about what Shakespeare created—and how it should be edited, performed, and taught.


Hoosier Bard, as the theatrical arm of the New Oxford Shakespeare project, will continue to combine world-leading scholarship with experimental theatre, always aiming to deliver insight and entertainment in equal measure.

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In keeping with their dedication to theatre as a learning laboratory, Hoosier Bard employed many of the original performance practices of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries: minimal technology, frequent stage-audience interaction, bare stage, a mix of historical and “modern dress” costuming, cross-gender casting, live music, and no breaks between scenes or acts.
— Hoosier Bard

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