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With passion born of rebellion we seek out the heart of the matter, battling against complacency in ourselves, our audience, and the American theatre. We struggle always for a passionate simplicity, for a visceral connection between actor and audience; only through this connection is great theatre possible. This is our cause. This is the revolution. This is Guerrilla Shakespeare.


The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project thinks of every Shakespeare play as a new play. GSP fosters a vibrant, passionate, visceral connection between actor and audience to make inventive and immediate American theatre from classical works. Struggling always for simplicity and precision, our company promises to make the entertainment and beauty of Shakespeare accessible to all. Prizing skillful use of language and athletic storytelling, the ensemble of professional actors, directors and designers aims to blow apart the audience's conceptions of what Shakespeare has been by creating something new.


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In The Tragedy of King Arthur, now playing at TBG Theatre, Guerrilla Shakespeare Company and Arthur Phillips have achieved the unthinkable: premiering a newly unearthed work of Shakespeare. Well, sort of. Adapted by Phillips from his critically acclaimed novel (which disposes of the “King” in the title), this new play carries the same inventive, convention-breaking spirit of its source.
— PJ Grisar -

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